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Two weeks ago I started a series of posts on the principles of military leadership, which I completed last Friday. You can find this series of posts over the last two weeks. This week I’m starting a series on the principles of war and how they apply to business, and life in general. In fact, their applicability beyond the field of military strategy is so relevant, that I actually prefer to call them ‘success principles.’

The following is the list of Canadian principles of military strategy. They are almost identical to the British and Autralian ones. The American principles of war are also similar, but they are formulated differently and are slightly different in content. I will point out significant differences and similarities where relevant. Principles 1-10 are Canadian. I’ve indicated the equivalent American or British principles in parentheses. Principles 11 to 13 are purely American.

1. Selection and maintenance of the aim (Objective)

2. Maintenance of morale

3. Offensive action (Offense)

4. Surprise

5. Security

6. Concentration of force (Mass)

7. Economy of effort (Economy of force)

8. Flexibility

9. Cooperation

10. Administration (Sustainability)

11. Unity of command

12. Simplicity

13. Maneuver

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