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A few hours ago I got a call on my main business line and it was a recorded message for some kind of web service. Needless to say, I hung up right away, and I can’t imagine why anyone would be even curious or bored enough to listen to the end of such a message, much less act on it.

Cold calling is bad enough, but who’s the idiot who thought up automatic cold calling? That’s right, someone thinks that it is a good idea to cold call people and give them a recorded message. I guess that gets around the fact that it is incredibly hard for people to cold call on a consistent basis and keep their sanity. But how can anyone think it’s going to work?

Cold calling is about the worst form of selling possible. If salespeople who spend their time cold calling were to spend that time developing relationships with buyers and referrers, their time would be more efficiently spent and they would most likely close a lot more business at higher price points. As for a recorded message doing the initial pitch, well, that’s just incomprehensible to me.

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