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In military strategy and tactics, force multipliers are special units or capabilities that magnify the capabilities of basic fighting forces. They are a form of leverage. The core of any ground force consists of infantry, tanks, and artillery. However, there are other elements that can multiply the effectiveness of these, such as the ability to jam enemy radio signals, or listen in on them, aerial reconnaissance and bombardment, special operations forces, psychological warfare specialists, etc.

You can benefit greatly from the same approach in business. For instance, if you want to meet a key prospect, you can try a frontal approach by cold calling her. Or, you can find a way to get an introduction so you don’t come in as a stranger. A force multiplier is a kind of leverage. Think of how you can generate more strength by using a lever. The crow bar is a perfect example. You use leverage to pull out a nail that is deeply embedded in a piece of wood.


  • What internal capabilities do you have that can help you achieve leverage?
  • What external capabilities could you acquire through partnerships or other means to multiply your internal capabilities?
  • What are your leverage points to enable you to go around obstacles or to come at problems and challenges without trying a frontal attack?

Richard Martin is a consultant, speaker, and executive coach. He brings his military and business leadership and management experience to bear for executives and organizations seeking to exploit change, maximize opportunity, and minimize risk.

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