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Last week I listed the six main steps in military battle procedure, which is used to get units and troops ready for action. The first step is to receive and then issue a warning order. If you think “warning order” sounds too military, you can call it an “activation directive” instead, or something similar. Here are the essential elements of such an activation directive:

  • What is happening? What is the situation necessitating action?
  • What do you anticipate will happen next? Alternatively, what activation directive have you received from higher up?
  • Any preliminary preparation that can be done in parallel with reconnaissance and planning.
  • Date and time of planning and decision-making meetings.
  • Anticipated start time and date of changes or operations.

As you can see, the aim isn’t to give detailed instructions about future plans and changes, merely to get everyone primed and starting to think about what will be needed to go into action with high readiness.

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