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Here is an extract from my first teleconference in my 2013-14 Teleconference Series on How to Use Military Wisdom to Win Business Battles. You get more info here and register for all ten teleconferences. The cost is only $150.00 for all ten. That will amount to 9-10 hours of audio. I provide a MP3 download within 48 hours of the call so you can listen as many times as you want at your leisure.

Listen to a sample extract:

The full teleconference last approximately 55 minutes and is available for purchase at $20.00 Cdn. Just contact me at

It’s not too late to register for all 10 teleconferences. The teleconferences will start at noon eastern on the 3rd Friday of the next ten months, and run until June 2014. Each of the calls covers a different aspect of how to apply military wisdom to win your business battles, and is based on a chapter in my book, Brilliant Manoeuvres : How to Use Military Wisdom to Win Business Battles. I’m adding new material and content so these aren’t just a repeat of the book.

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I was interviewed by marketing expert Linda Popky, president of Leverage to Market Associates. Linda’s website is

The podcast is titled ‘From Battlefield to the Business World: What Marketers Can Learn From the¬†Military.’ You can access it by clicking on the title link I’ve provided to Linda’s blog.

The interview is based on my book, Brilliant Manoeuvres: How to Use Military Wisdom to Win Business Battles. Duration is about 20 minutes, but I’m sure you will find the information very useful in winning your own business battles, whether in marketing or any other field of endeavour.