In Praise of One-Dimensionality

Posted: October 15, 2023 in Political Philosophy
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by Richard Martin

Modernity is inherently individualistic. It stems from the desire to elevate the individual above biological and other attachments that are imposed from without: family, clan, tribe, trade, class, etc.

Post-modernism and Leftism in general are reactionary against the inherent liberalization and individualization of modernity. 

Modernity is characterized above all by differentiation of roles and identities. One can be an employee, a parent, a sibling, child, or member of any particular group without necessarily adhering totally to that category.

We need to go back to the basics of modernity, and celebrate one-dimensionality, particularly in institutions and organizations.

Post-modernism attempts to undermine the differentiation and one-dimensionality of different fields of action and identification by merging them or undermining the different fields and identities.

This is why post-modernism and Leftism are inherently totalitarian and totalizing. This is the reaction against the fundamental differentiation and individuality/individualism of modernity.

Modernity allows the individual to dissociate and differentiate themselves from the totalizing grip of pre-existing or imposed identities and categorizations.

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