Information Operations as Scripting

Posted: March 7, 2023 in Books, Information Warfare
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By Richard Martin

Marketers and salespeople are always saying stuff like “What’s our story?”

Check out the last sentence of the highlighted paragraph (attached). Computers can simulate “Live Action Role Players” (LARP). So can anyone “acting out” someone else’s script, for example within a context of propaganda and hostile information warfare operations.

Source: SOFTWAR, by Jason Lowery

When people repeat talking points or act out prescribed behaviour, they are functioning as LARPs in someone else’s script, narrative, or story.

Takeaway: Don’t be a LARP in someone else’s script.

This reminds me of Eric Berne’s Games People Play! My personal favourite: Let’s you and he fight.

A reminder that words have meaning, and ideas have consequences.

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