Questions for turning circumstances to your advantage:

    • Failures: Where have we failed recently? What does that teach us? How can we extract value from that experience? What does it teach us about competitive threats and market opportunities?
    • Successes: What have been our recent successes? What caused them? Were they the result of design, or just plain luck? Did we exploit that luck or success? If not, how can we exploit it now? What does this tell us about market opportunities? Are we poised to exploit them?
    • Surprises: Have we been surprised recently? What happened that was totally unexpected? Did we exploit it, or shy away from it? What does this tell us about our strategy, objectives, and organizational ability to implement and exploit change?

Changing Situation: Has the situation changed? Are our goals still appropriate? If yes, then continue with existing plans. If not, then we need to rework original intent, objectives, and concept of operations to bring them into line with the new realities.

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