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Posted: July 6, 2015 in Readiness & Strategy

What’s so “brilliant” about that manoeuvre? Too many times we launch into execution and continue doing so but we omit the important step of periodically reviewing our progress.
Things can change. There can be a new competitor, a new product, new economic factors coming into play. One of the military methods I teach my clients is mission analysis. The last step in the simplified process is to evaluate the situation on a regular basis and to ask, “Has the situation changed?” If yes, then it’s time to review and update plans and execution.
Most executives and entrepreneurs focus on material factors such as budget, sales targets, income, cash flow, etc. Those are essential, but the following questions will allow you to probe a little deeper:

  • Are our/my objectives still relevant?
  • Has the political, economic, social environment evolved since we started implementing?
  • Is there new or different competition?
  • How have competitors reacted or adjusted to our moves?
  • Have competitors undermined our positioning, requiring an update to our strategy?
  • Are buyers and clients reacting as expected to our overtures?
  • Are our starting assumptions still valid? This is critical, because assumptions are what allow planning and execution to procede in the face of uncertainty and risk.
  • Can we validate these assumptions and adjust our plans in light of the new situation?
  • How have our tactics been working? If they haven’t, then they must be adjusted. Never continue on a track that isn’t working.

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