Make sure everyone in your organization is aware of and operating with the big picture

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Leadership
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I was speaking for a corporate client and his team last week in Toronto. The topic was team collaboration and the lessons of the military approach to collaboration.

Most people expect that the military relies exclusively on discipline and command authority, but the reality, especially in this day and age, is that everyone must understand the big picture, including the why of an operation and the mission in order to achieve the commander’s intent. There are simply so many things that can go off the tracks in modern military operations, specifically in peacekeeping and counter-insurgency, that soldiers at all levels must be able to adjust and apply their initiative on the fly as the situation evolves.

The idea that everyone advances in serried ranks in the face of withering enemy fire is anachronistic. Today’s soldiers must be intelligent and informed. They must have the big picture so they can manoeuvre and adapt in the face of changing circumstances and intelligent opponents, both vying for the hearts and minds of the population.

Whether in sales, marketing, product development, or after sales support, all members of your organization/team must be aware of the overarching strategy and business model, as well as the intent of company, division, departmental, team leaders. Just like modern-day warriors facing sophisticated opponents, they must be given the big picture at strategic, operational, and tactical levels. They must also have a clear understanding of the intent and mission so they can adapt and evolve with the situation.

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