The key to successful execution is to keep the aim front and center

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Leadership
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So we finally come to step 6 in the abbreviated battle readiness procedure I’ve been describing: Execution.

In the army we always said that “a plan is only good until you cross the line of departure.” Eisenhower said something very similar: The plan is nothing, but planning is everything (or words to that effect).

We have to be ready to adjust our execution to the exigencies of the situation and the reality on the ground. Competitors, clients, suppliers, distributors, other stakeholders, no one does exactly what we were expecting them to do. Things go awry and plans go off track. We have to anticipate, react, and shape the battlefield. We have to manoeuvre to get things back on track, and get our opponents to react to us rather than the other way around.

The best way to do this is to keep our objective(s) front and center. When all else fails, we can still achieve our aims by focusing on the outcome we’re trying to achieve. If we’ve exercised sound leadership and implemented the fundamentals of sound battle readiness I’ve been writing about, then our people (and we ourselves) will be able to adapt and thrive in this demanding, ever changing, environment.

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