Cohesion is the ability to function as an organic whole, as a well-oiled machine

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Leadership
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1. When is the last time you spoke to your whole team, to tell them what is happening and why it’s happening?
2. Are things in your company managed consistently in an ad hoc manner, or is there deliberate analysis and planning prior to making decisions and executing them?
3. Do you conduct regular meetings to talk about strategy and tactics, and to solve real problems that will get you closer to your goals?
4. Do you follow set procedures for communicating objectives and measuring progress in achieving them?
5. Do people feel free to come forward with suggestions to improve performance, or do they expect those above them in the hierarchy to solve all their problems for them?
6. Do people know what is expected of them?
7. Do they know the mission and vision of the organization? Do they know the objectives and performance metrics?
8. Have they conducted their own mission analysis and planning, so they know how they fit into the bigger scheme of things?

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