The real test of morale is adversity

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Leadership
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It’s not what you do when you’re successful that counts, but rather what you do when you’re facing adversity and obstacles; this is the real test of morale.

Morale is different from mood, and is built on unity and cohesion. Strong morale is built upon unity of purpose and action, determination to succeed, and cohesion in the face of opposition, disruptions, uncertainty, friction, and obstacles.

Perseverance and courage come from faith in the mission. No one can call up the reserves of strength, courage, and motivation needed to persevere without total belief in their mission and vision, and in the nobility or validity of their cause. Powerful metaphors can rally people around the mission and vision.

People need to feel they are part of something bigger than themselves. Strength comes in numbers, but the group must be made up of the right people, and have a structure and purpose that resonates at all levels of the organization.

True motivation and discipline come from within. Individuals perform at their best when they are impelled to do so from within themselves. External rewards and punishments only go so far in influencing behaviour.

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