NEW OFFERING! Richard Martin’s 2013-14 Monthly Teleconference Series

Brilliant Manoeuvres: How to Use Military Wisdom to Win Business Battles

Cost $100.00 CDN before 14 September 2013 and $150.00 after that date. The first 50 to register will get a free signed copy of my book, Brilliant Manoeuvres: How to Use Military Wisdom to Win Business Battles.

“The disciplined approach that Richard learned in the army was critical in getting us to focus and work as a team.”

Sylvain Thauvette, President and CEO, Business & Decision, North America

“Brilliant Maneuvers is Sun Tzu’s Art of War combined with Drucker’s The Effective Executive.”

Alan Weiss, PhD, Author of the bestselling Million Dollar Consulting

“There is a reason that business language is full of military references. Brilliant Manoeuvres is the perfect introduction to these parallels. I am finding myself using the book as a reference guide. For example, I’ve been applying the mission analysis tools in a fruitful manner to my own thinking. I highly recommend Brilliant Manoeuvres to beginners and advanced users alike.”

Pierre Bergevin, President & CEO, Cushman & Wakefield Canada

The first of 10 teleconferences is at 12 pm EDT on 20 September 2013. Each of the teleconferences is 45 to 60 minutes in duration and is based on a chapter in my book, Brilliant Manoeuvres.

Even if you already have the book, this is a great way to deepen your understanding. I will also be adding new content and intellectual property that I’ve developed since the publication of the book in October 2012 and that I use with my best and most aggressive clients!

As a special bonus, I will provide a complementary copy of Brilliant Manoeuvres, as well as a pdf copy of the Brilliant Manoeuvres Study Guide to assist you in assimilating the materials.

The teleconferences will start at 12 pm EDT sharp on the third Friday of each month. An MP3 recording will be available for download within 48 hours of the call.

20 September 2013 — How Can Military Wisdom Apply to Business?
War and business are both highly competitive endeavours requiring resolve, resilience, cunning, and leadership under conditions of extreme risk and uncertainty. Learn about the application of military wisdom to business and the relationship between strategy, operations, and tactics, as well as the links between these and the moral and physical planes of war (and business).

18 October 2013 — Offence—Seizing and Maintaining the Initiative
You can only win through sustained offensive action, which requires seizing and maintaining the initiative.

15 November 2013 — Defence—Securing Position and Regaining the Initiative
Defence is not decisive but it is sometimes needed to consolidate gains and buy time before going back on the offensive.

13 December 2013 — Selection and Maintenance of the Aim—The Principle of the Objective
Selection and maintenance of the aim is the master principle of war (and business) because it aligns everyone in the organization to a clear and overarching purpose.

17 January 2014 — You Can’t Be Everywhere at Once—Exploiting Limited Resources
The art of juggling always-limited resources so they can be concentrated at the right time and place to achieve the biggest bang for the buck.

21 February 2014 — No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy—Planning, Friction, and the Fog of War
The best-laid plans always go awry, and what to do about it.

21 March 2014 — Is Military Intelligence Really an Oxymoron?
The objective isn’t to know everything, as that is impossible, but to know more than your competitors and opponents.

18 April 2014 — Bucks, Bullets and Bully Beef—Logistics and the Sinews of War
Logistics is the technique of rational calculation, and it should be applied to all aspects of business, not just transportation and warehousing.

16 May 2014 — “The Moral is to the Physical as Three Is to One”—Morale, Cohesion and the Motivation to Perform
The real test of morale is adversity. It is based on cohesion and unity and is the main contributor to individual and team motivation.

20 June 2014 — Follow Me! The Art of Leadership
Competence is the heart of leadership. It can be learned, evaluated, and honed through the consistent application of time-tested principles of military leadership.

Cost $100.00 CDN before 14 September 2013 and $150.00 after that date. The first 50 to register will get a free signed copy of my book, Brilliant Manoeuvres: How to Use Military Wisdom to Win Business Battles.

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