I have been coaching and mentoring people formally for many years, both during my 26-year career as a military officer and as a consultant since 2006.

However, many people have been asking me for an informal, “in the moment” kind of coaching this year, and I’ve been helping in this manner:

* Weekly, set call for one hour for four weeks.
* Unrestricted email, Skype, and/or phone access for the duration.

While not something I ordinarily have done, it has turned out to be extremely popular with people who need “real time” advice and counsel with rapid response AND planned phone calls. I’ve been working on both strategic and tactical issues with clients, as you can see here:

“By working with Richard, I was able to get from a vague idea of what I wanted for the company to a very definite strategy and plan. Initially, we spent a day together covering all aspects of the business, including my objectives, the market and competition, previous results and the current situation. Richard asked all the right questions, forcing me to think about issues I hadn’t previously considered, or to see them differently. His recommendations were spot on and I was able to start implementing changes right after a single day spent together.”
Sylvain Thauvette, President and CEO, Business & Decision, North America

“Richard has given me the discipline to filter out the bad ideas so I can focus on the best ideas. He also provides ideas of his own that I haven’t thought of. When combined with Richard’s ability to hold my feet to the fire on what I need to do, I’ve become much more effective in leading and growing my company.”
Jean-Paul de Lavison, President, JPdL Multi-Management

“Richard’s coaching had a very positive effect on my time management and personal effectiveness. His unique point of view and constructive criticism were instrumental in allowing me to markedly improve my performance, especially my ability to establish priorities. He also gave me the benefit of his vast leadership experience as well as excellent advice on efficiently balancing work and family life. I recommend him highly as a coach to any entrepreneur or manager who wishes to radically improve his or her performance. Thank you Richard.”
Daniel Atangana, Financial Advisor

For Former or Still Serving Members of the Armed Forces or Police…

This program is particularly useful for former or still serving members of the military or paramilitary organizations seeking reorientation. I’ve successfully made this transition and can provide the benefit of my extensive personal experience in this area. Just remember this, if you’re leaving the military or police after a long career, you don’t need a second career plan, but you DO need a transition plan. I can help!


The total fee is only $1,000. You can obtain more details by calling or sign up directly by responding to this email. I will forward the invoice for credit card payment upon confirmation.

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