Is Research In Motion Moving Away from the BlackBerry?

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Op-Ed
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Research in Motion yesterday announced a new service to allow corporate IT departments to manage fleets of iPhones and Android phones using their secure management features.

I wrote last year at about this time that RIM had to refocus on its true strength, which is the management and security of corporate and institutional mobile digital communications. I said at this time that it was the only way that RIM would be able to maintain its differentiation in the face of the Apple and Android onslaught.

With this move, I think that RIM is finally starting to fight back in a manner that leverages its stengths and strong strategic position in providing highly secure corporate and institutional communications. This is exactly the type of savvy strategic manoeuvring that companies need to engage in to take back the initiative and go back on the offensive. I write about this extensively in my forthcoming book, Brilliant Manoeuvres: How To Military Wisdom to Win Business Battles.

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  1. bethplutchak says:

    Sadly I’m going to have to give up on BlackBerry. I remember how excited I was way back when, when I got my first BB phone, but the next one will be a Droid for me.

    • Thanks for commenting. Your decision to go to Android is exactly why RIM has to become platform neutral and leverage its key strengths in security and fleet management.

      I’ve never been a BB user, having gone right into the iPhone for my first smart phone. As a Canadian, I hope RIM can pull off a corporate renewal and get back to growth and profitability.


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