A well-functioning team has higher cohesion and unity, which means it functions better. This generates better performance, which contributes to morale and creates a generally happier group of people. When people are busy, they are less prone to gripe and whine, and they also tend to be happier than if they are bored.

Most businesses can’t afford to spend a lot time on team based training. This is for the obvious reason that any time in training is time not in selling, production, operations, and generally trying to please customers. The equivalent to team training in a business is sound organization and structure, where everyone knows their role and there are well honed processes and systems for creating value for customers, distributors, suppliers, etc.

In a well-trained team, everyone has a particular role to play, which means they can work to their full potential.  Well-organized and structured businesses function more effectively and efficiently. There are well-defined roles and responsibilities for everyone, with clear lines of authority, communication, and accountability. This generates opportunities to employ individuals up to their full capabilities and potential. The larger the business organization, the more there are opportunities for varied and challenging employment, opportunities that correspond to the unique strengths and competencies of employees and managers. This includes possibilities for advancement for those with high leadership potential.

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  1. Position people into the roles that most exploits their capabilities. Task people according to their talents, not their job description. This happens on sports teams, as the coach recognizes the traits and abilities of a player and puts him into the right position for him/her to succeed, and for the team to be more effective to win. The military does this within each service, and among services. The joint structure of strategically integrating Navy, Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps assets is a great example of this, as well as among the NATO allies. We win our corporate battles when we harness the talents of our unique groups and individuals towards a shared objective.

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