The History of Book Selling in the 21st Century in 10 Steps

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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1. Big box book retailers make the local bookstore irrelevant.

2. Amazon starts selling books online.

3. People browse for books in the big box retail store and then order the book online from Amazon.

4. Big box book retailers start their own online retail operations.

5. Amazon starts free shipping for orders above a certain price level.

6. Big box book retailers are forced to do the same.

7. Amazon introduces the Kindle e-reader. People start buying e-books.

8. People browse for books at the local big box book retailer then order the Kindle e-book on their iPhone while continuing to browse other books. When they get home, the book is on their Kindle.

9. Publishers can’t predict how many physical books will be sold anymore.

10. Big box book retailers start selling candles and towels, resembling more and more a Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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