Research in Motion (RIM) is the world’s number one provider of secure data communications for corporate clients. Their systems are so secure that governments in many countries rely on them for their own mobile data and voice needs. In fact, some countries find their services so secure that they threatened to shut down RIM’s operations unless they could get access to the traffic for their own dubious purposes. I’m talking UAE, Indonesia, etc. Not exactly paragons of democracy or stability.

Here’s the thing though; you wouldn’t know RIM is the corporate security leader from their actions in the last few years. Instead of building on what has been an almost unassailable position in secure communications, the company has chosen to focus on the gadget that first got them into the corporate arena in the first place, the Blackberry. But now, Android developers and Apple are starting to make inroads into the corporate market by offering what they claim is a similar level of security. Only time will tell if that’s true, but if I were RIM, I would be seriously concerned about that, not about whether their latest version of the Blackberry (What’s it called again?) has made some minute gains against Android and iPhone.

Message to RIM: It’s the secure communications that you should be building on, not the gadget. Wake up before it’s too late!

Richard Martin is founder and president of Alcera Consulting Inc. He brings his military and business leadership experience to bear for executives and organizations seeking to exploit change, maximize opportunity, and minimize risk.

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