How to plan your way out of a situation

Posted: April 20, 2010 in On Target
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Airlines, airports, individuals, and nations are struggling with the implications of the volcanic eruption in Iceland and its disruption of air travel in Europe. Here is a proven process for considering the situation and creating a viable plan of action:
1. What is the objective? This step is so critical that the military considers selection and maintenance of the aim as the most important principle of command in war.
2. What are your assumptions? These are needed to get on with planning and can always be changed later as more information appears.
3. What is the decision framework? In other words, what factors must be considered in the decision?
4. What are the limitations on freedom of action? In other words, what things can prevent you from achieving your aim?
5. Consider a variety of scenarios and generate possible courses of action based on these.
6. Analyse and compare the courses of action and decide on the optimal one. The second best can be an alternative in case the primary one doesn’t work out.
7. Create the plan based on the preferred course of action and communicate the details to stakeholders.

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